Back Up / Restore

Instructions for performing local and off-machine backup and restoration of your PlexTrac data

NOTE: These procedures are only for use by customers self-hosting their PlexTrac instance

Local Backup

Performing a local backup will ensure that all date from the database container is extracted into the local file system. This is a recommended procedure prior to performing an update.

Navigate to the directory where the script is located, normally /opt/plextrac

$ sudo ./ backup

This script places copies of all data into the /backups and /uploads directories.

Local Restore

A restore from local backup is only necessary if your existing database has been corrupted or lost. It is advised that you consult PlexTrac support at [email protected] to assist in troubleshooting the root cause before performing a restore.

Navigate to the directory where the script is located, normally /opt/plextrac

$ sudo ./ restore

Off-Machine Backup / Restore

To move your data into a non-local location, you will first perform the local backup procedure described above. Next, archive the /backups and /uploads folders using the method of your choosing (e.g. tar.gz) and copy them to your desired off-machine destination.

$ tar -zvcf $(hostname)_$(date "+%Y-%m-%d")_backup.tar.gz backups/ uploads/

To restore from an off-machine archive, remove the existing local /backups and /uploads folders from the PlexTrac directory, normally /opt/plextrac.

Copy the archived versions of these folders into this directory and unarchive them.

tar -xvf <Your file>

Perform the Local Restore procedure described above.