Adding Logo and Favicon


  • Command-line access to the server with PlexTrac installed and running

  • Desired logo (.png, .jpg etc.) for both light and dark themes

  • Desired favicon in .ico format

Customizing Logo and Favicon

Step 1: Copy the desired logo and favicon to the server running PlexTrac.

Step 2: Edit the docker-compose.override.yml located in the installation directory of PlexTrac.

nano docker-compose.override.yml

Step 3: If adding logos, uncomment “services”, “plextracnginx:”, “volumes” and the first two lines under volumes.

Spacing in this yaml file must be exact or may cause issues. Reference the screenshots below to match the indentation of each line.

Step 4: Replace “<< local file path here >>” with the file path of your logo(s).

Step 5: Save and exit.

Step 6: Run plextrac update to implement the changes.

plextrac update

If the following error message appears while running plextrac update, check the file path specified in the override file and ensure it is correct and that the files exist.


If the logo does not appear, try clearing the cache and refreshing the page. If still having trouble, please create a ticket at the Service Desk.

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