PlexTrac supports importing XML files from Acunetix. Acunetix is an automated tool for auditing web applications to identify security vulnerabilities. It scans for issues such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and other security threats. Additionally, Acunetix evaluates service misconfigurations, outdated protocols, and network vulnerabilities.

Field Mappings

Below are the field mappings from Acunetix to PlexTrac, broken up by findings and assets. If a field is not listed, PlexTrac does not currently import it.

Tables include the following columns:

  • Acunetix Field: the field name that appears in Acunetix

  • PlexTrac Field: the field name that appears in PlexTrac

  • Direction: displays the direction in the flow of data occurring for the integration (a value of "x" means that the value is not imported)

Finding Field Mappings

Asset Field Mappings

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