Audit Log

An audit log records events or activities within PlexTrac. Its primary purpose is to provide a chronological and detailed account of actions taken by users and processes, along with relevant information such as timestamps, user IDs, and specific event details.

The audit log is found under the Audit log button of the Admin Dashboard under "Security & User Management."

Actions Recorded

The following key actions are recorded in the audit log:

  • Logins (successful, failed, lockouts, etc.)

  • Password changes

  • User creation/deletion/updates

  • Unauthorized access attempts (e.g., someone tried to view a report that they were not allowed to see)

  • RBAC changes (e.g., a user is assigned to a client)

Using the Audit Log

The page defaults to the most recent events and lists the user, event, and time of the action. Use the filters above to narrow the dates of the events or search for a specific event.

For example, to find users who changed their password in the past month, click the box for "Start date" and select the past 30 days, then type "password" into the search box.

The list of events presented on the page dynamically updates.

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