Creating a Methodology

A methodology is a structured approach or framework to guide a comprehensive and systematic process. In cybersecurity, a methodology is often a documented set of guidelines and procedures for performing tasks such as penetration testing, risk assessment, security assessments, or incident response. Methodologies provide a structured way to conduct activities and ensure consistency in approach.

Step 1: Click the Methodologies tab of the RunbooksDB module.

Step 2: Click New Methodology.

Step 3: Enter a methodology title and ID (both fields are required).

Step 4: Click Add Tactics. A modal will appear with available tactics to add to the methodology. Select the tactics, click Add X Tactics, and the added tactics appear on the page.

Step 5: Enter a methodology description and any desired tags.

Step 6: Click Save at the top of the page.

The methodology is now available from the Methodologies tab and can be viewed, edited, or deleted from this location.

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