Importing a Report

PlexTrac reports may be exported and imported as shared between tenants to enable collaboration between teams that do not share the same tenant.
For example, an external red team of one tenant may want to export a report and share with an internal blue team client that manages its own instance of PlexTrac.
All imported reports must be a .ptrac file extension, and reports can be imported either in the Client module or Reports module.
The instructions below are specific to the Reports module.
Reports can only be exported from the Clients module. Visit Exporting a Report for more information.
Step 1: From the Reports home page, click Import Report.
Step 2: Select the client the report will be associated with from the pulldown menu. Then drag the .ptrac file to the box provided in the modal or click the box and navigate to the file on your computer.
Step 3: Click Submit.
A progress bar will provide some indication of status, as the upload may take a minute or two.
When completed successfully, a confirmation message will appear briefly.
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