Using Short Codes for Clients

Short Codes can help simplify report creation and encourage reuse of data to save content creation time and enforce consistency across reports. These codes can be used in report narratives and findings.
If a need exists to use a short code for ALL reports for a client, then a short code can be added at the client level. If a short code is only relevant to a subset of reports, visit Using Short Codes in Reports to add them at that level.

Adding Custom Short Codes

Step 1: Navigate to the Details tab of a client and click Edit Client Information.
Step 2: Click Add Custom Field.
Step 3: Add a label value in the first box on the left to correspond with the short code, and insert the text value that will replace the short code in the second box on the right.
This is the value that will replace the short code whenever it is found in the narratives or findings text fields of the report.
Repeat as many times as desired.
This value must exist in the list of tenant short codes to work and set as "Client Custom Field" for Source, so either validate that the short code already exists and is tagged appropriately from the admin, or contact the admin to add the short code to the tenant via Admin Dashboard>Tenant Settings>Short Codes.
Click Submit when finished.
The Custom Field label is the key linking the short code to the value (text data) that is to replace it. For example:
  • Label: Location
  • Value (text data): Boise
  • Short Code: %%LOCATION%%
Short Codes in PlexTrac always begin and end with %%, have only CAPITAL letters, and have underscores rather than spaces.
Step 4: Use the short code in any report narrative or findings text field. Changes will be autosaved.
Step 5: From the Narrative tab of the report, click Search & Replace at the top right of the page.
Step 6: The Search & Replace modal appears. Click Replace Short Codes to replace all short codes set in the report with their corresponding text data.
Step 7: Click Confirm.
A confirmation message should briefly appear.
Step 8: Validate that the change took place as desired in the readout section of the report (the short code will still appear when editing the text field), assuming the short code exists in the tenant settings. If not, ask the admin to add the value and do steps 5-8 again.
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