WriteupsDB serves as a central repository for all the writeups available in PlexTrac. Its purpose is to categorize, associate them with specific use cases, and facilitate reuse. By structuring and refining the findings, writeups can be seamlessly incorporated into other deliverables, such as a report.

Users access by clicking Content Library in the application's main menu and then clicking WriteupsDB.


WriteupsDB serves as a valuable tool for tracking and organizing vulnerability information. Benefits of WriteupsDB include:

  • Enhanced Organization and Access: WriteupsDB provides a centralized database where items can be added or imported, making it effortless to organize and access information related to vulnerabilities. This centralized approach improves efficiency and streamlines tracking and documenting vulnerabilities.

  • Improved Permissions and Segregation: With the introduction of repositories, PlexTrac offers improved permissions and segregation capabilities. Instead of managing writeups as a list, users can create repositories to categorize and segregate writeups based on different contexts, such as incident response or vulnerability management. This feature ensures that the right users have the appropriate level of access in their specific domains and can work without interference from unrelated teams.

  • Standardization and Collaboration: WriteupsDB enables the standardization of vulnerability documentation by encouraging and reusing templates. This ensures consistency in the format and language, making it easier for stakeholders to understand and analyze vulnerabilities. The platform also supports collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on writeups simultaneously and facilitating peer reviews for improved quality and accuracy.

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