The Priorities module enables users to access an advanced view that provides valuable insights into their security efforts. This module is crucial for effectively managing findings and assets by offering a collaborative platform that empowers team members to work together and address security challenges efficiently. Additionally, users can customize security measures to meet the unique requirements of individual clients or business groups.

Users access the module by clicking Priorities in the application's main menu.

It is recommended to read the admin settings documentation before using priorities. More detailed instructions regarding the impact of tenant-level vs. client-level settings can be found in the Licensing section, while information on equations can be found in the Automations section.


The Priorities module offers value to teams seeking to streamline and automate reporting processes while providing a layer of risk assessment to existing manual pentests and offensive security data.

Key benefits include:

  1. Automated Workflow Efficiency: Automating workflow processes streamlines reporting cycles, reducing manual efforts and time spent on tasks.

  2. Risk Prioritization: Enables custom scoring equations to prioritize identified risks, allowing teams to focus on the most critical issues for immediate remediation.

  3. Proactive Risk Management: This tool enables a proactive approach to managing offensive security data by providing an aggregated view of vulnerabilities, allowing for better risk assessment and remediation planning.

  4. Continuous Risk Reduction: Through ongoing validation, it demonstrates a continuous reduction in risk, ensuring that remediation efforts effectively mitigate future security risks.

Dashboard Visibility

If a user is an owner or author of a priority, an indicator will be displayed on the Dashboard home page under the Your assignments tab. Clicking the Your priorities box will display the priorities and role assigned, along with other fields specific to the Priorities module.

The following roles are related to Priorities and, when assigned, will result in a user having a priority box displayed on the Dashboard:

  • Priority Owner

  • Priority Author

  • Treatment Owner


Depending on the tenancy configuration and user role assignment, an email may be sent to users for the following event changes:

  • Priority status

  • Priority assignment

  • Finding status

  • Finding substatus

  • Assignment

Notifications will also be provided in the app, accessible by clicking the bell icon at the top of any PlexTrac page next to the user name.

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