CSV Findings Templates

PlexTrac understands the importance of simplifying the process of importing findings and other data into the platform, whether for a specific report or multiple reports and assets. To facilitate this, PlexTrac offers CSV templates and scripts that help streamline the import process and make it more efficient.
CSV templates serve as pre-defined structures that align with the required format for importing data. These templates specify the fields and corresponding data types expected when importing findings or other information. By utilizing these templates, users can ensure that their data is correctly mapped and formatted for import, minimizing errors and ensuring consistency.
To import findings to a report, two CSV options are available. Consult the table below to determine the most suitable solution for your needs.
Report Findings CSV Import
Python General CSV Import
Imports to a single report
Imports to multiple reports
Request is processed on the backend in less than five minutes
Each finding is processed individually and can take up to several hours*
Must order CSV columns to match template schema exactly
CSV columns are mapped to findings on a finding and sequence is not relevant
Imports to select finding fields only
Imports to all finding and asset fields
Does not import client and report information
Imports client and report information
*The script can create parsed findings in PlexTrac either by sending API calls to create each finding individually (which results in a long runtime of the script), or by generating a PTRAC file. Manually importing the generated PTRAC file takes the same time as the PlexTrac Report Finding CSV Template.
The generated PTRAC only contains the report and finding information: Asset information will not be added.

Report Findings CSV Template

To access instructions and a downloadable CSV file that can serve as a template for uploading findings into a report, please click on the box below. The CSV file comes with prepopulated required fields and sample values.

Python General CSV Template

To learn about importing data through the PlexTrac API using a script, click on the box below. The script requires two CSV files - one with the data to import and another with field mappings.
This script can be used to import data into multiple clients and reports. It functions by parsing the CSV file and generating client, report, finding, and asset objects. After that, it utilizes the PlexTrac API to import and create these objects in the tenant.
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