Integrations and File Imports

One key benefit of PlexTrac is the ability to connect with various security assessment tools, templates, and applications. These connection points allow for the import of findings, assets, and other vulnerability data from popular tools, eliminating manual data entry, reducing human error, and saving time.

Below is a list of third-party tools, templates, API integrations, instructions, and field mappings that users can leverage to import data into PlexTrac.

The Tools & Integrations section of the Admin Dashboard allows for the configuration and setup of parsers, third-party tools, and APIs.

API Integrations

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of rules, protocols, and tools that allow different software applications to communicate and interact. It provides a standardized way for developers to access and manipulate the functionalities and data of a particular system or service.

PlexTrac offers several integrations, some of which are available for immediate use and others that may require a license. These APIs enable seamless communication between PlexTrac and external systems or applications, facilitating data exchange, automation, and extended functionality.

Visit the PlexTrac API section for information about leveraging the PlexTrac API.

Additional information for each integration can be accessed by clicking the logo within a card.

File Imports

PlexTrac allows users to import data from a wide range of security assessment tools and CSV templates, making it easier for teams to aggregate and centralize their assessment findings, test results, and vulnerability data within the platform.

PlexTrac's integration capabilities support data ingestion from over 25 tools commonly used in the security industry. These parsers are built into the platform and are readily available to users without additional licensing requirements. The parsers extract the relevant information from the imported data and convert it into a unified format within PlexTrac, allowing for consistent representation, analysis, and reporting.

Parser actions are configured at the admin level on the Admin Dashboard.

Third-Party Tools

Applications that can be imported into PlexTrac are listed below. Clicking the card below will open additional information, such as field mappings and configuration instructions.

PlexTrac CSV Templates

PlexTrac offers a variety of CSV (Comma-Separated Values) templates. These templates serve as predefined structures that allow users to organize and format their data so it can be imported into PlexTrac easily.

CSV files are widely used because they are lightweight, easy to generate and parse, and can be opened with a simple text editor. The structure of a CSV file is straightforward. Each line in the file represents a row of data and a delimiter, typically a comma, which separates the values within each row.

Finding Imports: Visit the CSV Findings page for more information and guidance on which CSV template to use when importing findings.

Additional information (field mappings and instructions) can be accessed by clicking the CSV icon within a card.

Additional Integrations

Applications that export data into PlexTrac are listed below. Additional information can be accessed by clicking the card below.

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