Managing Engagements

Engagements are displayed on the Engagements tab of the Runbooks module.

This view shows the engagement title, associated test plan, associated client, date the engagement was last updated, and engagement progress. Engagements can also be viewed, edited or deleted from the "Actions" column.

Engagement Status

Engagements are identified as submitted, not submitted, or in progress.

Progress is based on the completion of contained procedures, and progress is displayed in two locations:

  1. On the Engagements tab as a progress bar:

  1. Within the top toolbar of the engagement's home page:

Engagements completed but not submitted will display "Not Submitted" under the 100% progress bar.

Engagements submitted become reports and are identified with a green checkmark and label and will remain listed in Runbooks until deleted.

Only engagements that are in progress can be edited. Once an engagement is submitted and becomes a report, it cannot be edited.

Updating Engagement Procedures

Step 1: Click View under the "Actions" column of an in-progress engagement.

Step 2: The engagement overview page provides information about the engagement and all included procedures.

Step 3: Click View under the "Actions" column of the procedure to update.

Step 4: Update the procedure status and finding severity by selecting the desired values from the pulldown menus.

Step 5: Add operators by clicking Managing operators. These names appear on the test plan when the runbook is submitted and becomes a report.

Step 6: Assign an operator(s) for the red and blue teams. Click Save.

Step 7: Run the execution steps for the procedure, and when completed, identify the outcomes for blue and red teams from the provided options and enter an attack source in the provided box.

Step 8: Add assets, procedure logs, attachments, and notes as needed to provide additional support and context.

Step 9: Scroll to the top of the page and click Save.

Step 10: Continue to the next procedure in the engagement by clicking the page navigation aid at the top of the page.

Procedures can be viewed and edited without leaving this page using the navigation icons at the top of the screen.

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