Moving Backup Data

This page provides the steps to move backup data when migrating to another server.
A backup consists of two parts:
  1. 1.
    The database backup, which contains the information such as users and reports.
  2. 2.
    The “uploads” directory, which contains items that are uploaded (i.e. scans) and screenshots that may be used in a report.
Both are needed to make a complete backup and restore to a new server.

Backing Up Data

Step 1: List the files listed in the uploads directory.
ls -lah /opt/plextrac/backups/uploads
Step 2: Identify the most recently made directory. From a local machine, copy the directory off the server. For example:
scp [email protected]:/opt/plextrac/backups/uploads/{2022.03.23-08.00.01.tar.gz} {local file path}
Step 3: List the files in the couchbase directory.
ls -lah /opt/plextrac/backups/couchbase
Step 4: Find the latest backup and archive and zip the directory. For example:
tar -zvcf $(hostname)_$(date "+%Y-%m-%d")_backup.tar.gz /opt/plextrac/backups/couchbase/{dir}
When running the above command it will place the new tar.gz file in the directory from where you are running the command.
Step 5: Copy the new tar.gz file that was created from the server to a local machine. For example:
scp [email protected]:/opt/plextrac/{example.tar.gz} {local file path}
Step 6: Once the database and uploads directories have been successfully copied to a local machine, upload them to the new destination.
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