Moving Backup Data

When migrating to another server, it is essential to ensure that backup data is transferred successfully to maintain data integrity and accessibility. This page provides the steps involved in moving backup data.

A backup consists of three parts:

  1. Couchbase database: A distributed, NoSQL document-oriented database management system that contains PlexTrac information, such as users and reports.

  2. Postgres database: An open-source relational database management system that, much like Couchbase, stores various user data.

  3. Uploads: Files and items transferred (i.e., scans and screenshots) that may exist in a report.

All of the above are needed for a complete backup and restore to a new server.

Step 1: Perform a backup by running the following command:

plextrac backup

Step 2: Navigate to the backups directory. This is typically located at /opt/plextrac/backups.

cd /opt/plextrac/backups

Step 3: List the files in Couchbase, Postgres and uploads to verify that the .tar.gz files exist with the timestamp of the latest backup.

Step 4: Identify the most recent files from each directory. From a local machine, copy the files off the server. For example:

scp username@remote:/opt/plextrac/backups/couchbase/{2023-06-06T155038Z.tar.gz} {local file path}

Step 5: Once the Couchbase, Postgres and uploads backup files have been successfully copied to a local machine, visit the Restore Procedure page and follow the directions to restore.

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