Importing Findings via an Integration

Findings may be imported into PlexTrac via a licensed API integration and configured by an admin.

Importing from an Integration

Step 1: Within the Reports module, click a report from the list to bring up the Readout tab.

Step 2: Click the Findings tab.

Step 3: Click Add Findings and select Integrations from the pulldown menu.

Step 4: Select the desired integration from the pulldown menu (the values shown in the pulldown menu are entered by the admin when the integration is set up).

If an integration is not licensed or not configured by an admin, the option will not appear in the pulldown menu.

Step 5: Click Continue with X at the bottom of the page.

Step 6: The Select Findings tab appears with a list of filters and values that are tool-specific to an integration. Use the filters and facets to select the query parameters to determine which findings appear on the page.

Step 7: Click Search to retrieve the findings query results.

Step 8: Select the findings from the query results to import by clicking the box at the top left of the table header row or by selecting findings individually by clicking the box next to the finding.

At least one finding must be selected to continue.

Step 9: Click Continue with X issues.

Step 10: Insert desired tags associated with each finding and asset when imported (optional). Click Import X Findings.

Notifications will appear confirming that the import was successful.

More information on specific tools, such as field mappings, can be found on the admin integrations page.

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