Managing Repositories

A repository is a versatile tool for managing writeups. It organizes content into structured categories, allowing for efficient reuse across reports. Repositories grant varying access permissions, enhancing collaboration and control.

Changing Settings

Step 1: From the WriteupsDB module home page, click the repository card to update.

Step 2: Click Repository Settings.

If the repository is not configured as an "Open" type repository, admins will see the Users & Permissions link.

All fields that existed when creating the repository are available for editing, with an additional button to delete the repository.

Step 3: Click Submit when finished.

Copying a Repository

Step 1: From the Repositories tab of the WriteupsDB module, click the meatballs menu found on the repository card.

Step 2: Click Copy Repository.

Step 3: Change the repository name, add a section ID, update the description as needed, and validate access permissions. Click Save.

The new repository is created and listed on the Repositories tab.

Deleting a Repository

This action will delete the repository and all its writeups for all users.

A repository can be deleted in two ways:

A warning message will appear asking for validation. Click Delete to continue.

Configuring Views

The table view can be customized by clicking the column view icon to the right of the search bar.

Once clicked, a modal appears that lists all fields. To remove a column, click X within the bar.

Fields that are required do not have an X available.

When fields are removed, an "Add Column" pulldown menu is added at the bottom left of the modal to store the field. Any removed fields can be added later by clicking Add Column and selecting the field to add.

This modal represents the sequence of fields provided in the table, meaning the bar on top will be the column on the table's far left.

The order of columns can be adjusted within this modal by clicking the six dots on the left of the bar for a field and dragging the bar to the desired sequence place.

Click Save when finished.

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