White Labeling

The White Labeling section in the Admin Dashboard is where an admin can change the labels that appear throughout PlexTrac.
For example, if a tenant of PlexTrac only has one client, the admin may decide to reference the company within the platform instead of generically as "client."

Core White Labeling

Core changes apply to every usage of the term throughout the platform EXCEPT the main menu and module page names, and includes column headers, button labels, and table values.
In the example below, the Core value of "client" and "clients" was changed to "Karbo Industries".
Note that the change did not impact the main menu value or the module name on the page. Both kept a value of "Clients".
Menu changes apply to just the main menu in the left nav bar and page names that reference the module specifically.
In the example below, the Menu value of "Clients" was changed to "Karbo Industries".
When white labeling "clients", a change to the plural core value OR a change to the menu value will be reflected in the value next to the people icon at the top of the Clients module home page.

Changing White Label Values

Step 1: From the White Labeling page of the Admin Dashboard, enter a new value in the appropriate field.
Values can only be entered in lowercase, but when updated, the first letter of each word will be capitalized.
Step 2: Click Update Labels.
The new values will immediately update.
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