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White Labeling

The White Labeling section allows organizations to maintain their brand identity, provide a consistent user experience, and reinforce their unique business context throughout the platform.
White Labeling options are found in the Admin Dashboard.


White labeling allows both Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) with multiple clients and Enterprise customers managing various internal business units or groups to customize the labels that appear throughout the platform. This customization enables administrators to personalize the platform and align it with their business needs and branding.
An administrator can substitute a generic term such as "clients" with the company's name, resulting in a more personalized and professional experience for users.
Likewise, an Enterprise customer using PlexTrac to manage different internal business units or groups can customize the labels to match the specific terminologies used within their organization. This ensures that the platform integrates seamlessly with existing processes and naming conventions, making it more user-friendly for their teams.
PlexTrac breaks white labeling into two categories: Core and Menu.

Core White Labeling

Modifications to "core" values apply to all instances of the term used in the platform EXCEPT for the names of the main menu and module pages. These changes do include column headings, button labels, and table values.
In the following example, using the Clients module home page, the core values "client" and "clients" have been replaced with "Karbo Securities." While the updated company name can be seen throughout the page, the main menu item and module name remained the same.
Modifications to "menu" values apply only to the main menu in the left nav bar and page names that reference the module specifically.
In the following example, using the same Clients module home page as before, the menu value and module name of "Clients" was changed to "Karbo Securities" while the core values stayed with the default.
When white labeling values for clients with changes to the menu or core values, the table count label does not change.
In addition, a change to the plural core value OR the menu value will be reflected in the value next to the people icon at the top of the Clients module home page. However, just a change to the singular form of the core value will not result in a change.

Changing White Label Values

Step 1: From the White Labeling page of the Admin Dashboard, enter a new value in the desired field.
Values can only be entered in lowercase, but when updated, the first letter of each word will be capitalized.
Step 2: Click Update Labels.
The new value(s) will immediately update within the platform for users.
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