The Dashboard is the default screen that appears when logging into PlexTrac and can always be reached by clicking Dashboard in the main menu.
The Dashboard displays information about assets and findings that the user has access to view, based on their role and permission settings, which provides a view in one central location to easily see status of key metrics.

Notification Bell

Messages received within PlexTrac are stored in the Notifications page, which is always viewable and accessible by clicking the bell icon at the top of the page next to the user name.
When new notifications exist, the icon will have a red outline.
To view all new notification, click the icon once, and a modal will appear.
Click View All to reach the Notifications page, which has two tabs:
  • All Notifications
  • Unread Notifications
Unread notifications are identified with an "X New" indicator.
Click the message to mark as read and be sent to the page in PlexTrac that the notification was triggered.
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