The Dashboard is the default screen that appears when logging into PlexTrac and can be reached by clicking Dashboard in the main menu.
The Dashboard provides information about reports, assets, and findings that the user can view based on role and permission settings, along with one central location to view all assigned tasks.
The Dashboard consists of two tabs:
  • Finding metrics
  • Your assignments
The Dashboard view differs depending on whether the user has any assignments, has viewed any reports, or has access to any published reports. When logging in without anything assigned or viewing any reports, only the Finding metrics tab is provided. The Your assignments tab appears after tasks are given to the user.

Finding Metrics Tab

When logging in without any assignments or viewed reports, only the Finding metrics tab is provided, and two boxes are presented:
  • Findings Older Than 30 days: all findings over 30 days that exist in published reports that the user has access to view
  • Vulnerable Assets: all assets that the user has access along with the number associated with a finding (vulnerable)
In this scenario, clicking the Dashboard menu item loads a new page, but if no assignments exist, no content exists, and a message is provided: "You don't have any findings assigned to you at this time."
If the user has no access to view any published reports, no graphical presentation will appear on the Finding metrics tab below the two boxes. However, as reports are published that the user has access to, additional boxes will appear on the page, providing helpful information in various graphical presentations about the findings in those reports.

Your Assignments Tab

Assignments are associated from multiple areas of PlexTrac, such as being an identified operator of a report, an assignee of a finding, or a reviewer of an assessment.
When a user receives an assignment, that assignment is displayed on the Your assignments tab. This tab will display all assignments in one central location for tracking, along with access to the report, finding, or assessment for further information and context.
Assignments are grouped in tabs by the type of assignment:
  • Your findings
  • Your reports
  • Your assessments
If no assignments exist for one of those topics, that specific tab will not appear.

Customizing Assignments View

The view for each box in the Your assignments tab can be customized by clicking the icon on the right of the page to adjust the table columns presented on the page.
Available fields to be presented as columns are represented by bars in the modal, which can then be customized as desired.
To delete a column, click X within the bar to eliminate. Click Save when finished.
Fields that are required and cannot be eliminated do not have an X available. They can still be sorted and the sequence adjusted.
Any removed fields can be added later by clicking Add Column at the bottom of the modal and selecting the field to add. Click Save when finished.
The order of columns is adjusted by clicking the six dots on the left of the bar and dragging the bars within the modal to reflect the desired sequence, with the top field being the column that will appear on the far left of the relevant box within the Your assignments tab.
Click Save when finished.
Each topic has its fields and can be customized separately.

Recently Viewed Reports

Once a report is viewed, a box representing that report will be shown at the top of the Dashboard. This box displays the title, status of a report, client, and how many findings exist within that report. The report can be accessed directly by clicking the box or View.
As more reports are viewed, more boxes are added. The four most recently viewed reports will be displayed.
If a user has no assignments but has viewed reports, the default page after logging in will display the recently reviewed reports, plus the two boxes providing data on findings older than 30 days and vulnerable assets. The Your assignments tab will not be shown.

Notification Bell

Messages received within PlexTrac are stored on the Notifications page, which is accessible by clicking the bell icon at the top of any PlexTrac page next to the user name.
When new notifications exist, the bell will have a red outline.
To view unread notifications, click the bell.
Click View All to reach the Notifications page, which has two tabs:
  • All Notifications
  • Unread Notifications
Unread notifications are identified with an "X New" indicator.
Click a message to be sent to the page in PlexTrac that triggered the notification. This action will also remove the message status from unread.
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