Report Templates

A report template is a pre-defined structure and format for creating reports. It may include narrative sections and custom fields, as well as the ability to select an export template.

Report templates save time and ensure consistency in the formatting and presentation of reports within an organization. They save time by pre-populating report sections, such as the introduction, methodology, or threat model. Linking to a custom export template ensures an exported file is branded and structured in the desired reporting methodology.

Creating a Report Template

Step 1: Click New report template.

Step 2: Enter a template name and select a default export template from the pulldown menu, if applicable (i.e., a Jinja template).

The default export template must be loaded first before starting this process.

Step 3: Add any custom fields or narrative sections by clicking the appropriate buttons and entering the required information.

Step 4: Click Create.

The template will appear in the list on the Report templates tab.

Previewing a Report Template

Report templates can be previewed by clicking Preview under the "Actions" column.

The preview will show any text entered in the narrative section when the template was created. It does not display template custom fields.

Editing a Report Template

Report templates can be edited by clicking Edit under the "Actions" column.

This will launch a modal, allowing the entire template to be modified. Click Save when finished.

Deleting a Report Template

Report templates can be deleted by clicking Delete under the "Actions" column.

A box will appear confirming the action. Click Delete.

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