Importing from CSV
This page explains using the bulk import tool.
PlexTrac provides a mechanism to bulk import existing writeups from a comma-separated values file (.csv) into the WriteupsDB. The format for the schema is explained in the spreadsheet below:
WriteupsDB Schema Explainer - DO NOT USE AS TEMPLATE.xlsx
Writeups Import Schema
This file has the schema for preparing data in a csv file, but do NOT use this document as the template for writeups, as it contains formatting incompatible with the import feature.
Save your csv in CSV UTF-8 format to prevent the inclusion of non-UTF characters that may break the importer.
An example of properly formatted csv file can be found here:
Sample for Use as Template
Tip: Add tags to your writeups before importing to ease finding them later. Consider tags based on categories such as MITRE ATT&CK or OWASP techniques.

Importing CSV

To import your csv into PlexTrac, follow the instructions below.
Step 1: From the WriteupsDB module, click Import Writeups.
Step 2: A modal appears. Select the repository to import the findings into, then drag the file into the designated box or navigate to it on the computer.
Step 3: Click Upload.
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