In the Clients module, users can group and categorize data as needed. This helps manage confidentiality, integrity, and availability effectively while enhancing collaboration and catering to individual client needs.

Users access the module by clicking Clients in the application's main menu.


PlexTrac defines a client as a logical grouping utilized to segregate data. The term holds various meanings within different organizations, depending on the context in which it is used.

In the case of teams external to the consulting organization, the term "client" typically refers to those individuals or entities who utilize their services. These clients may include businesses, government agencies, or other organizations that engage the consulting team to assess their cybersecurity posture, conduct vulnerability assessments, or provide related services. For these external teams, the client represents the entity they work for and to whom they deliver their expertise.

For teams operating within the boundaries of an organization or company, a client could refer to a specific project, a business unit, a regional office, or a program within the organization. The purpose of defining a client in this manner is to facilitate the segregation of data, findings, reports, and assets, ensuring that information is appropriately isolated within the relevant groupings.

By organizing data according to different clients, teams can effectively manage and maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. This approach allows for more collaboration and reporting within specific client-based units, preventing data overlap and ensuring that each client's unique requirements and concerns are adequately addressed.

The Clients module home page displays all clients in a tenancy and provides access to the following:

  1. Adding a new client: Clicking the New Client button launches a modal to enter information for a new client.

  2. A count of how many clients exist for the tenancy.

  3. Customizing the table view: Clicking the icon allows the configuration of the columns on this page.

  4. Viewing a client dashboard: Clicking View under the "Actions" column goes directly to the Details tab of the Client Summary page.

  5. Viewing all reports associated with a client: Clicking Reports under the "Actions" tab goes directly to the Reports tab of the Client Summary page.

  6. Viewing all assets associated with a client: Clicking View Assets under the "Actions" tab goes directly to the Assets tab of the Client Summary page.

  7. Deleting a client: Clicking View Assets under the "Actions" tab goes directly to the Assets tab of the Client Summary page.

Configuring Table View

The table view on the Clients home page can be customized by clicking the column view icon to the right of the search bar.

Once clicked, a modal appears that lists all fields.

To remove a column, click X within the bar.

Fields that are required and cannot be eliminated do not have an X available.

When fields are removed, an "Add Column" pulldown menu is added at the bottom left of the modal to store the field. Any removed fields can be added later by clicking Add Column and selecting the field to add.

This modal also represents the sequence of fields provided in the table, meaning the bar on top will be the column that appears on the far left of the relevant box.

The order of columns can be adjusted within this modal by clicking the six dots on the left of the bar for a field and dragging the bar to the desired sequence place.

Click Save when finished.

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