This section describe what a client is and how to manage clients within PlexTrac.
PlexTrac defines a client as a logical grouping used to segregate data.
A client can mean any number of things for an organization. For teams that operate outside of the organizations they consult, the client may be those who use their services. For teams that operate inside the organization or company, a clients could be a project, a business unit, a region, or a program... any grouping that requires data to be siloed from other findings, reports, and assets.
The Clients module is available on from the main menu.
The Clients home page will list all clients and give the ability to add new clients, edit existing client information, see a client dashboard of findings status, see any reports associated with a client, view any assets associated with a client, and delete a client.
The rest of this section focuses on the creation and management of client properties. Click Reports and Findings for more information on those specific topics.
Click Next below to learn how to create a client.
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