Line Spacing

This option determines the number of lines inserted between each finding in the Detailed Findings Section of a report. The default value is 3.

This option is enabled only if bb.page_break_between_controls is set to "false."

Configuring Line Spacing

Step 1: Open the ISO 27001 template.

Step 2: Go to the "OPTION DEFINITIONS" section of the setup code.

Step 3: Go to the nn.newlines_between_controls line. Change the value to increase or decrease the lines inserted between each control.

The paragraph spacing is determined by the settings applied to the "Normal" style in Microsoft Word. Standard options for line spacing include single spacing (1.0), 1.5-line spacing (1.5), and double spacing (2.0). These settings can be adjusted in the "Paragraph" section of Word.

Sample Output

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