Starting an Engagement

Step 1: From the Runbooks module home page (the Engagements tab), click Start New Engagement.

Step 2: Select the client from the Client pulldown menu.

Step 3: Select if the engagement is new or to be modified from an existing test plan.

Existing test plans are greyed out unless "Start from an existing Test Plan" is selected. These plans can be leveraged as a starting point by clicking Select next to the test plan.

To reduce the list of test plans provided, filter by tactic or test plan title in the search box.

Step 4: Click Next.

Step 5: On the Engagement Details tab, enter a title (required), a description, and any required tags. If an existing test plan was selected in the previous step, information in that test plan is populated by default and can be edited.

Click Continue.

Step 6: On the Select Procedures tab, select the procedures for this engagement by clicking the Select button next to the procedure to add. If leveraging an existing test plan, all procedures from that template are displayed in the right-hand column.

This list can be reduced by clicking the x button of the procedure to remove at the right of the box.

The procedure sequence can be adjusted by clicking and dragging the procedure to its desired line.

The list of procedures displayed on the screen can be adjusted using the provided filter options.

If required procedures have not yet been created, the engagement can be completed and procedures added later, but it is recommended to create the procedures first in RunbooksDB.

Step 7: Click Add X Procedures when finished.

Step 8: View a summary of the engagement from the Finalize Engagement tab. The title, description, tags, engagement coverage, and assigned procedures are displayed.

Click Create Engagement.

The engagement is now active and ready to be executed.

It also is now listed on the Engagements tab.

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