Adding to a Report

Step 1: From a report, click the Findings tab.

Step 2: Click Add Findings and select "From WriteupsDB" from the pulldown menu.

Step 3: Search or use the provided pulldown filters to display the desired writeups(s) to add.

Step 4: Click the box next to the writeup(s) to add. Selected writeups will appear on the right in the "TO BE ADDED TO REPORT" column. Click Add X Writeups.

Click the box next to "Writeups" in the table header to add all available writeups.

The selected writeups now appear on the Findings tab of the report.

Once a writeup becomes a finding, it is a standalone object that is not impacted if the source writeup or repository is deleted or the same writeup added to another report is edited or deleted.

To add all available writeups (or start with all writeups selected to begin with and then uncheck those not desired), click the box next to "Writeups" in the table header below the search bar.

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