Using Templates Overview

PlexTrac offers a variety of templates that play a role in various aspects of the creation, generation, and export of a report. These templates encompass findings layout templates, findings templates, and style guides.

Template Types

Plextrac looks for three templates when exporting a report: A report template (required), an export template (required), and a findings layout.

  • Report Templates: Contains all the custom narratives and custom fields specific to a given report and ensures that custom narratives and custom fields are automatically populated when generating a report.

  • Export Templates: Incorporates the selected template. This file must have been previously uploaded to the PlexTrac instance to leverage a self-serve template. A default template is used when exporting a report if no template is explicitly associated, so ensure the proper template is assigned.

  • Layout Templates: Encompasses all the finding custom fields utilized within a particular PlexTrac Report. Correct setup of this layout ensures the seamless application of custom fields to report findings upon their creation within PlexTrac.

A Jinja template likely uses report custom fields, narrative sections, and findings custom fields. Exporting this data from PlexTrac depends on adequately setting up this data from the appropriate template. Click the links on this page to visit product documentation for more information and instructions on setting up and exporting templates.

Example Use Case

To understand how these templates are employed within the platform, a typical use case showing the process from end-to-end for using a report export template is provided.

Step 1: Download a report export template from this section, such as the ISO 27001 template.

Step 2: Log in to PlexTrac as an admin, go to the Admin Dashboard, and click Templates under "Customization."

Step 3: Click the Export templates tab.

Step 4: Click New export template.

Step 5: Drag the ISO 27001 template file to the box provided or click the box in the modal to find the file to upload on the computer.

Step 6: Select a style guide to apply, if applicable.

Step 7: Click Upload.

Step 8: Click the Report Templates tab.

Step 9: Click New report template.

Step 10: Enter a template name and select the ISO 27001 template from the pulldown menu.

Step 11: Click Create.

Visit the Creating a Report page for more information on creating custom fields and adding a narrative section. Visit the Editing a Report page for information on editing fields and narrative sections of existing reports.

Step 12: Go to the Reports module and find the report to export. Click the row.

Step 13: Click the Details tab.

Step 14: In the "Report Template" field, select the template created earlier in Step 10, and then choose a template for "Findings Layout." Click Save.

Step 15: Click Export and select Word.

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