Managing Users
This page explains how to create, modify and delete access to a private WriteupsDB repository.

Adding Users

Users with access will see a Users & Permissions button at the top of the page, indicating permission to manage users.
Step 1: Navigate to "WriteupsDB" from the main menu, select the desired repository card, and click the Users & Permission tab at the top of the page to bring up the "Repository Users & Permissions" modal.
Step 2: Click the Add User button to bring up the Add User modal.
Step 3: Select the desired user from the drop-down menu by inserting the cursor and typing to filter list. Assign the desired permission status (Viewer or Editor), and click the Add User button. This process can be repeated by clicking Add More within the Add User modal, or clicking Add User from the Repository Users & Permissions modal. When finished adding users, click Done.

Modifying and Deleting Users

A user can be deleted (by clicking X) or have permissions modified from the "Repository Users & Permissions" modal. When finished, click Done.
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