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The left sidebar displays the main navigation, category listings, and links to essential pages for getting started. The left nav bar can be collapsible or expandable, allowing users to hide or show the links as needed.
It contains three sections:
  • Product Documentation: This includes the home page and general information about PlexTrac for all users. There is a page on assignments and roles, followed by an overview and explanation of PlexTrac's APIs.
  • PlexTrac Modules: This includes all the modules in the platform, including those licensed. Not all options may be available for a tenant. The modules match the order in which they appear within PlexTrac's main menu.
  • Tenant Management: This includes information directed towards admins and covers the Admin Dashboard, authentication configuration, integration configuration, on-premise management, and release notes. The documentation pages under Account Management match the order in which the information is presented within the platform.


This site has traditional keyword and AI search capabilities. To start a search query, click "Search" at the top right of the page or enter Ctrl-k.
A search box appears. Enter a word or question to obtain a list of relevant pages, or click "Lens" for a semantic AI search.
Semantic AI search is a technology that uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to understand the meaning and context behind a search query and provide more accurate and relevant search results.
Traditional search engines utilize keyword matching to identify relevant results, which can sometimes be imprecise or incomplete. Lens only indexes pages on the PlexTrac Documentation website as the source of its answers.
Related questions and sources that built the solution exist at the bottom of the answer.

Export to PDF

Export to PDF is a function that downloads a digital file of a page or pages in PDF format that can be viewed, printed, and shared with others offline. The Export as PDF link is on every page's upper right.
After clicking, a modal appears with options to export a specific page, all subpages (if applicable), or the entire site.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDFs.

Page Published Date

Each page has a timestamp of when it was last updated. If a page seems outdated or not reflecting the current experience, try reloading the browser page to refresh the cache. If the issue persists, please send feedback to the Support Portal.

Page Rating

Each page allows reader feedback on the helpfulness of the content (not a rating of the product functionality discussed on the page). Provide feedback by clicking one of the three options.


All feedback is welcomed. Provide input to the Support Portal for any comments or suggestions on improving this site.
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