PlexTrac provides a default template for exporting reports. While this default template works for many scenarios, situations exist when a more tailored approach is required.

To bridge this gap and provide greater flexibility, a range of pre-built export templates are provided. These templates contain a user-friendly framework that allows customizing the output without needing knowledge of the Jinja2 language or extensive programming skills. These templates can be used or modified as is, resulting in personalized reports that meet requirements.

A Jinja template is a specialized document template incorporating placeholders and dynamic content generation capabilities using the Jinja2 templating engine. These templates are designed to streamline the process of creating customized Word documents with variable content.

Getting Started

For those new to the self-service report templates, the subpages in the Overview section provide essential terminology, various templating types, and different styles used within Word document templates. It also contains an overview of how templates are associated and exported within PlexTrac, with links to more robust documentation and step-by-step instructions.

This introductory material is designed to help orientate and establish a solid foundation in templating concepts.

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