Email Settings

Email settings are located under the "Tenant Settings" section in the Admin Dashboard, providing administrators options to manage and configure various aspects related to email setup and notifications. The Email Settings page displays three tabs, enabling admins to adjust and personalize the email settings based on their preferences. These tabs facilitate access and control over notification settings, email servers, and email templates.

Notification Settings Tab

The Notification Settings tab manages when email notifications are sent to users. Notifications can be configured by the report, finding, substatus, or assignment by clicking the toggle bar on or off.

When all email notifications are disabled, the only emails sent from the system are actions related to a user's profile (personal settings).

The notification of report status changes for assigned users is permanently disabled.

Server Settings Tab

The Server Settings tab manages the configuration of a custom email server. PlexTrac defaults to its email service but supports SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

Configuring Mail Server

Step 1: From the Admin Dashboard, click Email Settings under "Tenant Settings."

Step 2: Click Configure Mail Server.

Step 3: A new modal appears. Enter the appropriate information in the provided fields.

  1. Email Server: Refers to the domain or hostname of the server that handles incoming and outgoing emails for the email account or domain. The specific email server name can vary depending on the email service provider or the organization's email infrastructure.

  2. Port: PlexTrac supports standard SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) ports, and those options are provided in the pulldown menu for this field:

    • SMTP with SSL/TLS encryption (SMTPS): 465 (secure)

    • SMTP (unencrypted): 25 (not secure)

    • SMTP with STARTTLS encryption: 587 (not secure)

  3. Username: The email address or username associated with the email account.

  4. Password: The password for the email account.

Step 4: Click Verify Mail Configuration to validate settings.

A message will appear at the top of the page verifying the configuration.

Step 5: Click Save Mailer Config to exit the modal.

The current email server configuration can be removed and changed to the default PlexTrac email service anytime by clicking Remove Mail Configuration.

E-mail Templates Manager Tab

The E-mail Templates Manager tab manages the format, information, and structure of emails sent to users within a tenancy and allows for the configuration of email white labeling.

Email White Labeling

The application defaults to PlexTrac values for the "From Name" and "From Address." To change the name and email address, edit the fields under "EMAIL WHITE LABELING" and click Submit.

Email Templates

PlexTrac offers a collection of email templates automatically dispatched to users upon completing specific actions or tasks. These templates serve as predefined messages but can be modified and tailored to individual requirements.

Admins can customize the templates as needed, such as by incorporating their company logo, removing short codes, enhancing the HTML, or including specific messaging to align with their branding and communication style. This feature enables admins to create email communications matching their style and messaging preferences.

To edit an email template, click the green icon under the "Actions" column next to the email.

Short codes can be used in emails as wildcards to replace text. Available codes are listed at the bottom of the email template.

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