Account Information

The Account Information button under "Tenant Settings" in the Admin Dashboard provides configuration of tenant information, including changing the tenant theme (light or dark), uploading a tenant logo and icon, and changing tenant name.

Changing Tenant Light/Dark Mode

To change the mode of the tenancy from light to dark, click the desired mode. The change is immediate.

Any images loaded light mode will disappear. Images will need to be reloaded for dark mode.

Adding Tenant Images

The Tenant logo and icon need to be updated in both light and dark mode.

Dimensions of the tenant icon image file should have the same height and width.

Step 1: Click Upload Tenant Images.

Step 2: Click the box of the image to upload, and drag the file into the box or navigate to that image on the computer.

The dimensions of the tenant icon image should have the same height and width (i.e., 500px x 500px).

Step 3: Click Submit.

The logo will appear at the top of the left navigation bar.

Editing Tenant Name

Step 1: Click Edit Tenant Information.

Step 2: Enter the desired information and click Submit.

The new value appears on the Account Information page. After refreshing page, the new value appears as the Tenant Administration value.

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