Importing Findings from a File

PlexTrac can import findings from third-party tools and a CSV template for centralized data. This provides real-time visibility, holistic analysis, and efficient reporting, simplifying compliance and promoting proactive risk management.

If importing from a CSV file, visit the CSV Findings Templates page for more information.

For a list of all third-party tool integrations and field mappings, visit the Integrations and Mappings section.

Importing From a File

Step 1: Within the Reports module, click the impacted report from the list to bring up the Readout tab.

Step 2: Click the Findings tab.

Step 3: Click Add Findings and select File Imports from the pulldown menu.

Step 4: Select the import source from the pulldown menu.

Step 5: Drop the file into the box provided or browse to it on the computer.

If the user does not want parser actions to be applied to the import file, they can uncheck the option provided in the modal.

Step 6: Click Continue.

Step 7: On the second tab, "Select tags & upload," add any desired finding and asset tags (optional). When finished, click Upload.

Dialog boxes will appear, confirming the import is in progress.

If successful, the page will refresh, and new findings will appear on the Findings tab for the report. If unsuccessful, an error message will appear notifying of the failure.

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