Classification Tiers

The Classification Tiers button under "Security" in the Admin Dashboard is where the functionality for classification tiers is turned on or off.

Classification tiers functionality is turned off by default.


Classification tiers enable control for specific users to view and modify particular reports for a specific client. For example, most users may have access to a client and most reports, but a few users may require a higher classification tier to work on a report with more sensitive data.

Once turned on, PlexTrac provides three tiers by default (Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3). The higher the classification level, the more restrictive it is (i.e., Tier 1 is the lowest). For example, everyone in Tier 2 has access to Tier 1, but Tier 2 users do not have access to Tier 3 reports.

Once enabled by toggling on, the default classification tier values and descriptions can be edited, and new ones can be created and managed.

Creating a Classification Tier

Step 1: After enabling classification tiers, click Create Classification.

Step 2: Enter a classification tier name and description in the provided boxes. If ready to implement, toggle on the "Enabled" button.

Step 3: Click Save.

A message will appear briefly confirming the addition of the new tier, and it will appear on the list at the top of the list by default as the most restrictive.

Step 4: If the new value's default placement at the top is inaccurate and needs adjustment, select and move the value's bar on the page to reflect its appropriate classification level in the existing tier structure.

Once a row is moved, the tiers dynamically reorder and display their new classification level (the bottom of the list will always be the least restrictive Level 1).

Step 5: Exit this page by clicking the breadcrumb Admin Dashboard.

Step 6: Click Security under "Security & User Management."

Step 7: Click Authorization.

Step 8: Select the desired client from the "Client" pulldown menu.

Step 9: Identify the user to configure, click the pulldown menu of the column "Classification Level," and select the appropriate value.

Step 10: Click the Reports module, select a report, and click the Details tab.

Step 11: Click the pulldown menu of "Report Classification" and select the appropriate tier value. Click Save.

Editing a Classification Tier

Step 1: From the Classification Tiers page, click the value to edit.

Step 2: Make any edits and click Update Classification.

Disabling a Tier

Classification tiers cannot be deleted. This is to protect against existing protected reports being unintentionally exposed. If a specific tier is no longer needed, however, it can be disabled (if to be used again in the future) or edited to reflect a new tier classification.

If classification tiers are disabled at the feature level, any previously classified reports will be exposed, as tier protection will no longer apply.

To disable the value from appearing as an option elsewhere in PlexTrac, toggle off the "Enabled" button and click Update Classification.

If disabling a classification tier, it may be necessary to refresh the browser for the value to disappear.

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