Backing Up and Cleaning

This page explains the process for creating a local backup of PlexTrac using the built-in script and using the clean command.


  • Command-line access to server hosting PlexTrac
  • Nobody is using the platform
Backup may be incomplete if someone is actively using the platform.

Backing up

Step 1: Login to PlexTrac and switch user to plextrac.
sudo su - plextrac
Step 2: Run plextrac backup.
plextrac backup
Depending on how much data exists in the platform, this step may take anywhere from a few seconds to 10 minutes. Do not interrupt the process before the shell is returned back use.
If this is the first time running a backup with this method, a backups directory will be created in the directory where PlexTrac was installed.
Inside the backups directory “couchbase”, “uploads”, and “postgres” folders exists.
Each time a backup is performed, a new directory is created in these directories with the date and time of the backup. In the event a restore from a backup needs to be performed. all three directories are required.

PlexTrac Clean

The new PlexTrac utility has a built-in function to make managing local PlexTrac backups quick and easy. Depending on the size of your database and the frequency of backups, we recommend running this command regularly to avoid potential problems arising from space issues on the server.
To run the clean utility, perform the following steps:
Step 1: Login to PlexTrac and switch user to plextrac.
sudo su - plextrac
Step 2: Run the plextrac clean command. Executing this command will automatically remove backups older than 10 days and will compress the rest to save space.
plextrac clean
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