Getting Started

The following guide outlines the steps to quickly onboard new users to production.

Before downloading and using a template, reading the Using Templates Overview page for orientation is highly recommended.

Step 1: Download the multi-scope template below:

Step 2: Upload the downloaded multi-scope Template into PlexTrac.

Reference the Using Templates Overview page for instructions on associating the export template correctly.

Step 3: Attach the multi-scope template to a report.

Within the report, navigate to the Details tab. In the "Report Template" field, select the template created in Step 2 and Click Save.

Step 4: Add the custom fields leveraged by the export template. Predefined custom fields are included in single-scope templates.

On the Details tab of the report, click Add Custom Field at the bottom of the page and create the following 'Report Custom Field' labels:

  • Author

  • Author Title

  • Author Email

  • Company Name

  • Company Address

Once completed, Click Save.

Step 4 can also be completed when creating the Report Template.

Reference the 'Using Templates Overview' page for more information.

Step 5: Add and tag findings with their associated scope.

Step 6: When exporting the report, select the desired scope(s) to be included. These scope tags are available for use:



Internal Penetration Report


External Penetration Report


Wireless Penetration Report


Mobile Application Report (OWASP Top 10)


Web Application Report (OWASP Top 10)


Social Engineering Report


Physical Penetration Test Report

If tagging the report with mobile or webapp, see Step 7. Otherwise, skip to Step 8.

Step 7: If the Report is tagged with mobile or webapp, add mobile or webapp tags for findings, AND add the appropriate related tags below.

Mobile OWASP Top 10 Tags

The exported report can display the OWASP risks using these tags:

Web App OWASP Top 10 Tags

The exported report can display the OWASP risks using these tags:

Please note these findings tags are specific to mobile and web apps. Mobile OWASP tags will only function with mobile findings, and web app OWASP tags will only work with Web App Findings.

Step 8: Export the report.

Any narratives, findings, and affected assets expected in the report must be added before export.

To access additional pre-built customization options, please proceed to the following pages.

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