Summary Tables

The Summary Table option allows users to choose between multiple table presentations of findings.

Configuring Summary Tables

Step 1: Open the runbooks template.

Step 2: Go to the "OPTION DEFINITIONS" section of the setup code.

Step 3: Go to the nn.summary_table_option line. The number listed represents the option that will be leveraged. Modify the value as desired.

Summary Table Options

Click each expandable section for more information.

Option 1 {%p set nn.summary_table_option = 1 %}

This option will display a table for each scope with Reference Number, Title, and Severity columns. Automatically generated Reference Numbers include a Scope Prefix.

Option 2 {%p set nn.summary_table_option = 2 %}

This option will display a table for each scope, showing each scope's Reference Number, Title, Severity, and CVSS score.

If available, the table will default to CVSS v3 and secondarily use CVSS v2. If no CVSS score exists, “--” will be displayed in the CVSS column.

Option 3 {%p set nn.summary_table_option = 3 %}

This option will display a table for each scope. The tables will show the reference number, title, severity, and recommendation in columns. The “Recommendation” column is a custom field (see below) and intended as an abbreviated version of the entire recommendation that provides executives with a general idea of the remediation work to be done.

Recommendations Field

This custom field must be added to a layout template to ensure it is being populated. Visit the Layouts section for information on setting up and associating a finding layout template.

When setting up the layout, use the following information:

  • Key: recommendation_summary

  • Label: Recommendation Summary

  • Value: This is blank in the layout but will be the field that captures the abbreviated recommendation when the finding is being worked on and presented in the table above when the report is exported.

Once the layout has been associated with the report, the field will appear in the Custom Fields section of a finding for data entry.

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