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Export Templates

PlexTrac allows the uploading and usage of Jinja templates in Microsoft Word (.docx) to be used as a template for exporting reports in a custom format and style.
Jinja is a template engine that allows the ability to dynamically generate text-based documents by defining Word templates with placeholders for dynamic content, and PlexTrac provides Jinja Word templates to match the branding and styling of an organization for export. More information can be found at
If no template is available, a default style guide can be used. If no style guide is desired as an option, select the value of "None" from the pulldown menu.
File names for export templates can only contain alphanumeric characters and these special characters:

Creating an Export Template

Step 1: Click the Export templates tab.
Step 2: Click Create export template.
Step 3: Drag a .docx file to the box provided or click the box in the modal to find the file to upload on the computer. Click Upload.
The new template appears in the table.

Downloading an Export Template

Export templates can be downloaded by clicking Download under the "Actions" column.
The file will download to your local system.

Deleting an Export Template

Export templates can be deleted by clicking Delete under the "Actions" column.
A dialog box will appear confirming the action. Click Delete to complete the task.
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