The Assets tab has two containers that can be expanded or collapsed to display all assets that the user has access to view:

  • Asset findings overview: an overview of all assets

  • Assets: a table view of assets with sortable headings

Only assets from reports with a "Published" status are included in the analytics module.

Asset Filters

Search filters allow users to refine and narrow search results based on specific criteria or parameters.

Analytics filter values and data sets are updated every minute. If a tag or field was updated but did not appear as expected, wait one minute and try again.

A list of all filters and values for the Assets tab exists below:

  • Client(s)

  • Client Tags

  • Asset Types

  • Asset(s)

  • Asset Tags

  • Ports

  • Finding Severity

    • Critical

    • High

    • Medium

    • Low

    • Informational

  • Asset Severity

    • Critical

    • High

    • Medium

    • Low

    • Informational

    • Unspecified

  • Finding Tags

  • Report

  • Report Tags

  • Operating System

  • Data Owner

  • System Owner

  • Physical Location

Asset Findings Overview Container

This container graphically displays the number of assets that have findings and provides a breakdown of the severity of findings (for those assets with findings).

Assets Container

This container displays a table that lists the asset name, client, criticality, type, and finding count. Column headers can be clicked to change the sort order and how the data is displayed.

Click an asset row for more information and a list of associated findings.

Assets can be edited directly by clicking Edit Asset at the top right of the page.

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