Tags Settings

The Tags Settings button under "Tenant Settings" in the Admin Dashboard allows management of the tags. Tags are listed alphabetically in groups of 20.

Creating a Tag

Type the desired tag value in the "New tag name..." box and click Create Tag.

Omit hyphens in tags. Hyphens are not supported and will be removed and replaced with an underscore when a file that includes a hyphen is imported.

Finding a Tag

Insert the cursor in the "Type to search tags..." field and type the query. The list of tags will be filtered by the content in the search box.

Deleting a Tag

Search for and identify the tag to delete and click Delete under the "Actions" column of the row for that tag.

No confirmation modal is provided, and action is immediately executed. This cannot be undone.

Viewing Tags

If more than 20 tags exist, click the Previous 20 and Next 20 buttons at the bottom of the page to navigate forward and backward and view tags on other pages.

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