Copying a Writeup
This page explains how to copy a writeup from a report or within WriteupsDB.
Writeups can be copied within the WriteupsDB module or from a inside a report.

Copying a Writeup from a Report

Step 1: Within a report, click the Findings tab.
Step 2: Click the three dots under "Actions" and click Copy to WriteupsDB.
Step 3: Select the repository from the pulldown menu and click Copy.
Finding details information unique to this report will be copied as well. Remove sensitive information.

Copying within WriteupsDB

Step 1: From the WriteupsDB module, click the Writeups tab (or go to the writeup by clicking the repository it exists within).
Step 2: Under the "Actions" column, click Copy To.
Step 3: Select the destination repository and click Copy.
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