Using Custom SSL Certs

Custom SSL certificates refer to digital certificates issued for a specific domain or subdomain and are used to secure website traffic with HTTPS encryption. Unlike free SSL certificates provided by Certificate Authorities (CAs) like Let's Encrypt, custom SSL certificates are typically purchased from commercial CAs, and can be customized to meet specific security and branding requirements of the website owner.


  • Command-line access to the server with PlexTrac installed and running
  • Purchased SSL certificate from a vendor such as GoDaddy or DigiCert
  • Two files are required to implement a custom SSL certificate with NGINX
    • a .crt file following this format:
    • a .key file following this format
Often the contents of these files can be extracted from the PEM downloaded from the vendor.

Installing Custom Cert

Step 1: Copy the .key and .crt files to the server hosting PlexTrac.
Step 2: Edit the docker-compose.override.yml located in the installation directory of PlexTrac.
nano docker-compose.override.yml
Step 3: Uncomment “services”, “plextracnginx:”, “volumes” and the two lines ending in app.plextrac.key and app_cert_chain.crt.
Step 4: Replace “<< local key path here >>” and “<< local cert path here >>” with the file path to the files copied to the server in Step 1.
Take note of the two additional spaces for each new line, as shown in the screenshot above.
Step 5: Save and exit.
Step 6: Run plextrac update to implement changes.
plextrac update
Step 7: Clear browser cache or open an incognito page and browse to your PlexTrac URL to ensure successful changes.
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