Getting Started

The following guide outlines the steps to quickly onboard new users to production.

Before downloading and using a template, it is highly recommended to read the Using Templates Overview page for orientation.

Step 1: Download the single-scope template below that matches the desired report use case:

The Single Scope (Generic) Template

Pentera Integration Template

Internal Penetration Report Template

External Penetration Report Template

Step 2: Upload the downloaded single-scope Template into PlexTrac.

Reference the Using Templates Overview page for instructions on associating the export template correctly.

Step 3: Attach the single-scope template to a report.

Within the report, navigate to the Details tab. In the "Report Template" field, select the template created in Step 2 and Click Save.

Step 4: Add the custom fields leveraged by the export template. Predefined custom fields are included in single-scope templates.

On the Details tab of the report, click Add Custom Field at the bottom of the page and create the following 'Report Custom Field' labels:

  • Author

  • Author Title

  • Author Email

  • Company Name

  • Company Address

Once completed, Click Save.

Step 4 can also be completed when creating the Report Template.

Reference the 'Using Templates Overview' page for more information.

Step 5: Export the report.

Any narratives, findings, and affected assets expected in the report must be added before export.

To access additional pre-built customization options, please proceed to the following pages.

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