Creating a Client

The "Create New Client" modal allows users to input essential information, such as the client's name, logo, point of contact, client notes, tags, and custom fields.

Users can create a comprehensive profile for each client, enabling efficient data collection, organization, and management within PlexTrac.

Step 1: From the Clients module home page, click New Client.

Step 2: A modal appears with the following fields:

  1. Client Logo: To visually represent the client, drag an image or click the designated box to navigate to a picture on the computer.

  2. Client Name (required): Enter the client or project name that will identify this data collection throughout PlexTrac.

  3. Point of Contact: Enter the resource's name to contact about the data collection.

  4. Point of Contact Email: Enter the resource's email address. If the email of a current PlexTrac user is entered, this person is added as a client user with the role of analyst. If the person creating the client adds themselves as the point of contact, their default tenancy role is assigned (i.e., admin). All roles can be adjusted.

  5. Client Description/Details: Enter any pertinent information to help provide users context.

  6. Tags: Enter any tags associated with the client (new or existing). Any special characters will be removed, and any spaces will be replaced with an underscore (_).

  7. Add Custom Field: Enter additional fields and values needed to enhance the client's management.

Step 3: Click Submit.

The new client now appears on the Clients module home page.

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