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PlexTrac helps cybersecurity teams improve and centralize workflow management processes across the entire lifecycle. The platform streamlines all aspects of the process, from staging offensive engagements and conducting assessments to analyzing data and reporting, prioritizing critical issues, collaborating between teams, and communicating with stakeholders.

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PlexTrac Modules

When logging in to PlexTrac, users are greeted by the Dashboard page. Seven modules exist besides the Dashboard: Clients, Assessments, Reports, Priorities, Content Library, Analytics, and Runbooks.

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Tenant Management

PlexTrac provides many options for configuring a tenant. Below are links to documentation for administration tasks, configuring user-specific settings, configuring authentication (OATH and SAML), integrating with APIs and parsers, installing and maintaining PlexTrac locally, and much more.

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Additional Resources

To unlock a suite of advanced features, become a PlexTrac Pro by clicking on the designated box. Learn about report templates, API endpoints, or mastering everyday use cases through video tutorials.

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