Creating a Tactic

Tactics are higher-level categories or strategies used by adversaries to achieve their goals. In the MITRE ATT&CK framework, tactics are broader than techniques and represent the overall objectives of an attack. For example, tactics might include "Execution," "Persistence," "Privilege Escalation," and "Defense Evasion." Tactics encompass a range of techniques that support a specific objective.

Step 1: Click the Tactics tab of the RunbooksDB module.

Step 2: Click New Tactic.

Step 3: Fill out the provided fields.

  1. Tactic Title (required)

  2. Tactic ID (required)

  3. Techniques: Click Add Techniques to bring up a new modal to add techniques to the tactic.

  4. Methodologies: Click Add Methodologies to bring up a new modal to add methodologies to the tactic.

  5. Tactic Description: A rich-text field to enter any content, images, or tables to describe the tactic.

  6. Tags: Enter any tags to help future search and filtering tasks.

Step 4: Click Save.

The tactic is now available from the Tactics tab and can be viewed, edited, or deleted from this location.

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