PlexTrac supports importing XML files from Checkmarx. Checkmarx provides software security solutions for detecting and preventing security application vulnerabilities. The primary focus is static application security testing (SAST), which involves analyzing an application's source code to identify security vulnerabilities and coding errors before deployment.

Below are the mappings of fields and any reference notes to provide context. If a field is not listed, PlexTrac does not currently import it.

Finding Field Mappings

PlexTrac FieldCheckmarx PathNotes


<Query Name=(attribute value for title)>

If the name attribute within the query element contains an underscore, PlexTrac replaces the underscore with a space


<Query Severity=(attribute value for severity)>


<Query cweId=(attribute value for references)>


<Result DeepLink=(attribute value for recommendations)>

PlexTrac joins all items in the DeepLink element in the Result element


Hard Coded w/ "This was identified via Checkmarx scanner, please view affected assets for more details."


<Query categories=(attribute value for tags)> and <Query group=(attribute value for tags)>

To convert categories into a list using ";" as a delimiter, and to append the group attribute to categories to create comprehensive tags, follow these steps:

  • Separate each category with a semicolon (;).

  • If a category has an associated group attribute, append this attribute to the category.

  • Ensure all tags are accurately represented.


Hard Coded "Checkmarx"

Asset Field Mappings

PlexTrac FieldCheckmarx PathNotes


<Result name=(attribute to be used in asset name)> and Path>

Ensure that both the attribute name and the element filename are present and identical.

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