Managing Clients

Once clients have been added to PlexTrac, the platform offers a range of features that facilitate the editing and management of existing client information.
This includes updating contact details, adding custom fields, changing the client logo, and adding additional notes and details. With just a few clicks, users can ensure that client information remains accurate and relevant.

Editing Client Information

Step 1: From the Clients module home page, click View under the "Actions" menu for the impacted client to reach the Details tab.
Step 2: Click Edit Client Information.
Step 3: The "Edit Client Information" modal appears and can be modified as desired. Click Submit when finished.

Deleting a Client

Step 1: From the Clients module home page, click the three dots under the "Actions" column corresponding to the client to delete.
Step 2: Click Delete Client.
Step 3: A modal will appear, confirming the action. Click Delete.
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