Managing Sections
This section explains how to create, edit, and delete a Narrative section.
Narrative sections can only be created/edited but not copied from an external source, and they can be added to a report from NarrativesDB but not added to NarrativesDB from a report.
Click the desired tab below to learn more about managing the sections inside NarrativeDBs.
Adding to a Report
Step 1: From the NarrativesDB home page, click the Sections tab.
Step 2: Click New Section at the top right of the page.
Step 3: Enter the required information identified by a red asterisk.
All content is saved automatically, so no save button exists. When finished, click Close.


Inserting tags is encouraged to enable better search retrieval and mapping on an export to a report. Comments can also be added to explain the usage of a tag.

Section IDs

Once a section is assigned to a repository with a prefix, sections will automatically increment as they are created.
Step 1: From the NarrativesDB home page, click the Sections tab. Navigate to the desired section to update and click Edit.
Step 2: Make desired edits and click Close.
All content is saved automatically.


The title, body and tags fields can capture user comments. Any user with access to a given repository can add or view comments on any sections contained within. To add a comment, click the text balloon icon.
Comments must be confirmed to be retained. If the "Close" button is clicked first, a modal will appear notifying that a comment has not been saved and will be lost.
To confirm a comment, click the checkmark next to the comment. To delete a comment, click the X in a comment box.

Tracking Changes

When this is turned on, Track Changes shows what was changed within the body portion of the section. Green highlighted text reveals what was added after track changes was turned on, and red text reveals what was deleted.
This feature autosaves and will be seen the next time you enter the section to edit.
Changes can be accepted or deleted or left alone. If accepted, click the checkmark. If deleted, click the X in the comment box on the right. Either action will result in the box and modified text indicators disappearing from the page.
Step 1: Go to "Reports" from the main menu, select a report, and click the Narrative tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add From NarrativesDB.
Step 2: From the displayed modal, use the filters to find the desired narrative, whether by keyword/section title, tags, or repository.
Only repositories that a user has permissions to view will appear in search results.
Step 3: Click Select, and the narrative will appear on the right under the "TO BE ADDED TO NARRATIVE" sidebar.
Step 4: Click Add Section, and the new section now exists at the bottom of the report in collapsed state. Expand the section by clicking the arrow to view.
Step 5: Click the three dots to display the option to edit and view existing section tags. Tags ensure that sections export to the final report and display properly, so validate that the tags are accurate.
This menu also allows ability to delete a section from a report without deleting the section from NarrativesDB.
Completing this task permanently deletes the section and cannot be undone.
Step 1: From the NarrativesDB home page, either click a repository that contains the section or select the "Sections" tab and locate and select the section to delete.
Step 2: Click Delete.
Step 3: A modal will appear confirming action. Click Delete Section.
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