Starting an Assessment

Users have two options for beginning an assessment. First, they can navigate to the Manage Questionnaires tab, choose the preferred assessment questionnaire, and click Begin Assessment. After starting the assessment, they can select the client/project.

Second, users can start a new assessment from the In Progress/Completed tab. This approach permits them to choose the client and questionnaire they want to use as the first step. The assessment automatically populates data from the selected questionnaire, eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting. This simplifies the assessment process, making it more efficient and practical.

PlexTrac also provides a convenient way to involve participants. If there's a question that someone needs to answer, users can copy the URL at the top of the browser and send it via email or IM. If the recipients have an account in the PlexTrac instance, they can access the question and provide the necessary answers. This feature enhances collaboration and ensures that assessments progress smoothly, even with remote participants.

Option A: From the Assessments Home Page

Step 1: Click the Start New Assessment tab from the Assessments default home page.

Step 2: Select the client the assessment applies to from the pulldown menu, then select the questionnaire. Click Next.

Step 3: A new page appears, presenting the assessment for modification.

Option B: From a Questionnaire

Step 1: From the Assessments default home page, click the Manage Questionnaires tab.

Step 2: Click Begin Assessment under the "Actions" column for the desired questionnaire.

Step 3: Select the associated client/project value from the pulldown menu and click Begin Assessment.

Step 4: A new page appears, presenting the assessment for modification.

Next Steps

If no action is taken after an assessment is created or is not finished, the assessment will receive an "In Progress" status and be accessible from the In Progress/Completed tab.

An assessment can be completed by clicking Edit under the "Actions" column.

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