Multi-Scope Template

A multi-scope template is a report export template that can be used across multiple assessments as needed. Unlike other templates, it does not contain specific language for a single assessment but can be adapted for use in various security assessment reports.

Security professionals may find it beneficial to present security assessments in a comprehensive and uniform manner. This can make the reports easier to read, manage, and compare, ultimately leading to more effective security measures.

Common Use Cases

Multi-scope templates are helpful for the following security reports:

  1. Vulnerability Assessment Results: The report lists identified vulnerabilities across the organization's network, systems, and applications.

  2. Penetration Testing Findings: Clients often use this template for the following penetration tests: Internal, External, Web Application, Mobile Application, Wireless, Social, and Physical Security.

  3. Incident Response Analysis: The report evaluates the effectiveness of the incident response plan and offers suggestions for improving incident detection.

  4. Network Traffic Analysis: Suspicious network activity is identified, and recommendations are made for bolstering network monitoring and intrusion detection.

Configuration Options

This template has options to configure the presentation of several topics. Click the link below for instructions on each topic.

Visit the Using Export Templates page for an overview of implementing the template when ready to export a report.

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