Importing Findings from WriteupsDB

WriteupsDB is a repository for all PlexTrac writeups. It categorizes, associates them with use cases, and facilitates reuse. By structuring and refining findings, writeups can be used in other deliverables, such as a report.

Once a writeup becomes a finding, it is a standalone object that is not impacted if the source writeup or repository is deleted or the same writeup added to another report is edited or deleted.

Importing from WriteupsDB

Step 1: From the Reports module, click the report row or Readout under the "Actions" column.

Step 2: Click the Findings tab.

Step 3: Click Add Findings, then select From WriteupsDB from the pulldown menu.

Step 4: Search or use the provided filters to find the desired writeups to add, then click the box to select them.

Selected writeups to be added are shown in the column on the far right.

Step 5: Click Add X Writeups at the bottom of the page.

A confirmation message will briefly appear, and the writeups are added to the report and listed on the Findings tab.

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