Contextual Scoring

The Contextual scoring section under "Automations” in the Admin Dashboard allows admins to create formulas for producing dynamic risk and likelihood scores for the Priorities module.

If all equations are disabled, priorities will be scored by the likelihood and impact values selected in the priority.


Contextual Score: The value generated from a contextual scoring equation.

Contextual Scoring Equation: A collection of variables, operators, rules and logic to generate a contextual score.

Equation Variable: A component of the equation representing an individual or an aggregate of fields from PlexTrac, such as Asset count, Finding Severity, and CVE. Equation variables are the building blocks of an equation.

Multiplier: A constant value multiplied against an equation variable's value. It can rapidly increase the weight a variable has on an equation.

Operator: Mathematical symbols that can be used in a Contextual Scoring Equation. Currently, an operator can only perform a "+" addition function.

Variable Rule: The logic and conditions that help determine a variable's weight and value within the equation. A variable can have multiple rules.

Default Equation

PlexTrac provides a default equation that is disabled but can be toggled on by clicking the toggle bar under the "Enabled" column.

Configuring View

The table view can be customized by clicking the column view icon to the right of the search bar.

Once clicked, a modal appears that lists all fields. To remove a column, click X within the bar.

Fields that are required do not have an X available.

When fields are removed, an "Add Column" pulldown menu is added at the bottom left of the modal to store the field. Any removed fields can be added later by clicking Add Column and selecting the field to add.

This modal represents the sequence of fields provided in the table, meaning the bar on top will be the column on the table's far left.

The order of columns can be adjusted within this modal by clicking the six dots on the left of the bar for a field and dragging the bar to the desired sequence place.

Click Save when finished.

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